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Contact phone number
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 How many people are travelling together  
Number of adults
Age group of adults Under 30 30-50 50 plus  
Number of children
Ages of children
Type of accommodation Twin Double
Will the children share a room Yes No
What month are you travelling What year--
What length holiday do you have
Would you like to leave on a weekend Yes   No
Which countries would you like to see Botswana Malawi
  Mozambique Namibia
  South Africa Swaziland
  Zambia Zimbabwe
Do you particularly want to see Animals Birds
  Scenery People
  See a mix As it comes
Have you been to africa before Yes No
Where and when
What sort of holiday was it
Are you keen on Out door life----------- Camping----------- Self catering
 Would you be happy to drive yourselves in countries where it is acceptable for visitors to self-drive
  Yes No
 What sort of accommodation would you prefer, where available
  Hotels Lodges
  B & B Self catering
  Camping Tented camps
  Mobile camps  
 Are there any things you simply MUST have to make your holiday complete
And are there things you simply hate